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Natural Mica Powder

These pearlescent pigments are composed of several thin layers of metal oxides with mica coating. Changing the thin layer of metal oxides can produce different pearlescent effects. They are inorganic pigments, mineral pigments, non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-spontaneous combustion and insoluble. In water, dilute acid, dilute alkali and organic solvent, but easily dispersed in them. And have good heat resistance.
Different particle size of pearlescent pigment has different effect. The smaller the particle size The larger the particle size, the stronger the covering power of mica powder. The larger the particle size The larger the particle size, the stronger the gloss of mica pigment.

Synthetic mica powder

Our Synstar series are synthetic mica pigments, which are made of synthetic mica coated with metal oxide layers, such as titanium dioxide and iron oxide. Compared with natural mica, synthetic mica has many advantages such as high purity, less black spots, good weather resistance, good gloss, good color and more stable under high temperature.

Borosilicate Pigments

We also called this series pigments as Borosilicate Pigments, since Dreamstar Series Pigments are composed of synthetic calcium aluminum borosilicate, coated with titanium Dioxide and other metal oxides. They exhibit an unusual transparency, extremely high relection index, big and smooth flake shapes structures. Compared with conventional pearlescent pigments, they have have special chromatic properties, higher and enhanced brightness/transparency , to release sparking diamond effects.

Food Grade Mica

The colors of our food grade pearlescent pigments have excellent stability and can be combined with different colors for many food applications, candy, cakes, beverages, ice cream, etc.

Chameleon Pigments

Chameleon pigments are Color Shifting Pigments, they're composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide. Color shift pigments show changing colors & strong color flowing effect if you look from different angle.

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